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A man looking for a woman
Age : 28
From : India > Delhi
Zodiac : Libra
Registration date : 2017-02-17
Last logged on : 2017-08-18

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Text Description :

I'm a very simple guy with positive attitude n giving nature. My most time I spend reading books, especially on religion, occult philosophy, theosophy, gnosis, etc. I'm not a very outgoing type person n I enjoy my solitude a lot. I'm a thinker, with a wee different perception of almost everything. Though, Im very simple, yet complicated n it's not easy to understand the very depths of me. I have utmost control over my thoughts n there r very less things that ever bother me. Coz inside I'm very calm n but not sorted. I'm a highly unstable person inside. Some say I'm like an onion, means, I'm made of layers over layers but there is no limits to these layers n it can go to infinity. My mind lives in a quantum realm n I try very hard to keep myself fit for this world but frankly speaking, I'm not a fit in this world. Still, I can't change the fact that I'm a 3 dimensional being n no matter where my mind wanders, I've to keep myself here in this world. About y I'm here... Is to find that someone. It isnot easy to do that though but I know I will eventually. I want someone true to heart, honest person, someone who can understand me in between my layers. Someone who is ready to accept me for who I am n help me improve only in better ways. I will know when I find her n she will know it too coz she will feel it. My only request is that people plz behave n treat me n others like the way u urself wanted to b treated by others. So, if u somehow think I deserve u, don't hesitate to drop a dime.. U r most welcome... From the hands of the spirits, The new n the old ones. Blessed be...!

Search :romantic relationship
Search area :country
Height (in feet and inches) :5ft 6 / 5ft 8
Weight (in kg) :50 - 55
Eye colour :brown
Hair colour :brown
Status :bachelor/spinter
Smoker :no
Ethnic origin :indian
Religion (1) :non-practising
Religion (2) :hindu
Caste :Vaishyas
Education :university
Employment sector :tourism/hotel business/catering/leisure
Favourite entertainment/leisure :nature/open air
...Passionate about :music
Favourite sport :cars/motorcycles
Musical taste :hard rock
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